A new type of amenity.

A digital amenity to power residential experiences through engagement, perks, and rewards.

Residential Experience Starts Here

Drive instant value to boost your online reputation, while improving NOI and asset values that will enable you to attract and retain the next generation of residents. Ameny’s ResEx platform is built so nothing stands between you and your resident experience.

Send Smarter. 
Increase Retention.

Drive experience and satisfaction with intuitive tools to power your email communication.

Throw out paper coupons and gift cards and build email campaigns that convert and empower your residents to discover and save on products that will inspire a happier, healthier life at home.

ResEx Kit Demo

Enhance your online reputation

Property online reputation is indicative of its ability to attract prospects and retain residents.

Create instant value to your property by engaging and collecting google and social reviews from your residents.

What people say about you online, effects your bottom line.

Collect real time survey feedback to improve operations and drive leasing revenue with an increase in resident satisfaction.

Engage, survey, and reward residents to improve operations and increase satisfaction.

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