Inspire your employee perks

Drive employee retention, referrals and satisfaction

A digital-first workplace

Whether you have multiple offices, no offices, or something in between, the way we live and work looks a lot different than it did a year ago.

Build trust and improve employee satisfaction with the right feedback tool & action plan.

Employee perks

Power employees to access perks whenever they want, wherever they may be.

Add optional stipends: one time, quarterly or a monthly Ameny Cash allowance.

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Encourage referrals

Encourage employees to recruit candidates with Ameny Cash Incentives.


Want to collect Glassdoor Reviews?

Use employer reviews to put a better perception of your company. Build trust through employee satisfaction surveys to show that you are looking to improve workplace operations.

Instant access.

Power your employees to access to your perks whenever they want, wherever they may be.

Employees don’t just buy products to elevate their work life. They buy lifestyles.

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