A new type of employee perk

Ameny offers the complete platform for employers to engage, reward employees and offer incentives to the top on-demand services and lifestyle brands.

Employee perks and rewards program to keep your employees happy

Whether you have multiple offices, no offices, or something in between -- the way we work and live looks a lot different then it did six months ago -- and teams of all sizes need different resources to succeed.

Businesses will need to adapt to the current work from home environment or risk profit loss.

Perks are proven to lead to productivity and happiness -- but employers are challenged, how do they continue with perk programs from home?

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Why Ameny?

We believe there's a shift coming in ways in which we reward, attract, and retain the best employees and tenants.

We help elevate your branding, collect real-time insights, and assist in making data driven decisions to enhance innovation and strategy.

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Continuous feedback tracking

Collect real-time feedback and show some love with rewards from the best services and lifestyle brands around.

How have they been dealing with their new work environment?
Do they like your management style?
Would they refer a new hire?
What type or benefits are they interested in?

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Instant access.

Companies access all the perks they want, wherever they may be.

We have all of the merchant's your team already loves and uses and we can add new ones in no time
— including local businesses.

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