A new type of amenity.

Ameny offers the complete platform for real estate owners, operators and property teams to engage and incentivize tenants with the best on-demand services and lifestyle brands.

A perks and rewards program your tenants will keep coming back to.

At Ameny, we're making it easy for real estate groups of all sizes to reward their tenants with the best products and services around.

Ameny's web-based and mobile applications provide the very best experience for property teams and their tenants.

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Why Ameny?

We believe there's a shift coming in ways in which we reward, attract, and retain the best tenants.

We help elevate building and portfolio branding, collect real-time insights, and assist in making data driven decisions to enhance innovation and strategy.

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Reward your tenants for being great.

Collect real-time feedback and show some love to your tenants by rewarding them with the best services and lifestyle brands around.

What do they think about your building?
Do they like your management style?
Are they planning on renewing?

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Instant access.

The most efficient way to reward your tenant is by rewarding them with more. Ameny’s mobile app provides total access to the best discounts and coupons. Your tenants will love it. 

Throw out paper coupons and gift cards. Start using Ameny today.

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